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    Ready for a Conversation?

    Are you still feeling the love from your current custodian?
    Do you still feel like they are the best fit for your firm?
    Not quite the match made in heaven you had envisioned?

    At TradePMR, we love our RIAs every day of the year, and we show it. With one-on-one white-glove service, timely support, customizable fees, and powerful tech – we think we'd be a perfect match!

    Hear it straight from our RIAs

    “Since we joined TradePMR, all the things that have made the firm stand out from the crowd have been true”

    Marc Horner,
    Fairhaven Wealth Management

    “We truly feel like they know us and understand our needs”

    Brian Bischoff,
    Bischoff Wealth Management

    “Since we partnered with TradePMR they've listened, been responsive, and provided a high level of personal service”

    Christopher W. Brown,
    Brown Miller Wealth Management


    Let us show you how we may be the lifelong match you deserve!

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